CTSV is located in the Wujie. Which is built by senior carpenters who have the first-class skill and unique opinion for the structurer. You can see the consideration of carpenters from every location. From the foundation of the building, which takes more than a year. For safety, building is strong enough stand for earthquake. It completely showed the beauty, fashion, technology. The building and the natures is totally in concordance. Its shining you can feel the building beauty. Maybe it is elegance in the daytime, and shining lively in the night. She is always welcome your coming. You feel happy, she is applauding, and she may just stand when you feel nothing.

There are so many interestings you can find in the building. The founder use the colour, white and black as the things of right and wrong. The two main supports in the lobby, the white one is in the right when you go in to the building from the main door. And, the black support is on the left, behind the counter. You can try to find it when your coming.

There are also many calligraphys and paintings. In the basement, several oil paintings finished by a young boy via his view to record the stories compares past and now. On the first floor, two tar pictures are on the two sides of the stair. The tar pictures describe the 1920 people living of Chiufen, which is as well as a fancy Taiwan location. The tar pictures are looked ordinary, which are worked by the great master named QIU XI XUN, on of the four famous artists of TAIWAN. On the second floor, many calligraphy, using Chinese character of more the 2300 years , HanZi, writing the one of Chinese beauty of literature, Tang poetry. The writer is founder’s friend, he read the paleography and is a calligrapher. In addition, there are also collections of founder showing everywhere.

The seven main rooms, which has no too much decorations. Bed, a view window, two sofas, hangers a simple desk. Visitors feel confortable and comfortable. The founder prepare two spaces for the visitors. On the basement, the founder prepare big screen, confortable sofa and luxury audio equipment. And the wine storeroom also on the basement. Comparing the west kitchen in the building on the first floor, another feature in CTSV is the traditional Taiwanese kitchen. When dining time, the smoke rise gradually, chef prepare the Taiwan flavor cousin. Without expensive food materials, the course prepared by yje nature with field flavor. Red brick kitchen is structured by the master, who has the champion in the world competition of beauty of brick works. Mr.Nian Jing Cheng leads the team of his students introduce the beauty and to honor the simple of CTSV by every bricks. The fashion, the money, the luxury, the jewelry, and the beautys. And, the televions is equipped with every family in Taiwan, and in the worldwide. However the air, the water, the sun, the soil, the nature of the earth here, you get it without any payment. You are used to it, the gift of earth.

The fashion, the beauty, and the technology, arrange your time, come and meet the founder in a chance. There is his life showed in CTSV. And he will sit under the three pine trees that growing more a hundred year. A cup of the tea. Story tea of course

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